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Who We Serve

Our mission is provide services and hair education to women and men who are ready to take their hair health to the next level. We currently do not service children who are under the age of 13.

Personal Contact

Please refrain from contact on personal phone. Text messages and phone calls made to my personal phone about appointment reservations, adjustments, or tardiness are not obligated to a response from my personal phone. Inquiries about appointments can be made via email at or on the salon's facebook page.

Appointment Only

I honor each of our guests' time to relax and be pampered. With this in mind, I have decided to curate an appointment only atmosphere. Under my discretion, I do not accept same-day or 'squeeze in' appointments. Please be proactive in scheduling. 

Lastly, the salon is cozy and I pride myself with creating an environment that cultivates relaxation and exclusivity. Please refrain from bringing additional guests, including children, who are not being serviced.

Cancellation Policy

Life happens! For those unexpected situations, we allot a curtesy 10-minute grace period for you to make it to your appointment. Arriving to your appointment more than 10 minutes late OR missing a scheduled appointment without notice subjects your appointment, and future appointments, to cancellation upon our discretion. Text messages, social media messages, or any form of personal contact to inform of tardiness does not suffice and will not guarantee a late appointment will not be cancelled or rescheduled. I require 48 hour notice of reservation cancellation or rescheduling. Appointments rescheduled less than 48 hours are subject to a $50 late change fee. No-show appointments or same day cancellations are subject to a fee totaling 100% of the missed appointment. This balance will be processed on the card provided to secure scheduling.

Social Media

Marketing is extremely important to the growth of any business. Today, social media is one of our favorite tools to create awareness about our salon and what we have new and exciting going on. Arriving to your appointment is consent for us to take video or photos of our work we've done on you. Don't forget those hoops, lip gloss, ladies and fellas, don't leave that beard oil at home!

Our Efforts to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

To reduce the potential risk exposure to COVID-19 for anyone who visits the salon, guests are asked to wear a mask during your entire salon visit and hand sanitizer is available throughout the salon for your use. 

Service Re-Do/Product Returns

I strive to offer each guest the highest level of guest satisfaction. If you are having challenges with your style, cut, or color please inform me within 3 days of your visit and I'll be happy to correct the issue with no additional charge. Retail items are nonrefundable.

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