Word on the Street

LeVette Fuller

Victoria gave my hair a new lease on life after a season of detriment. She’s amazing and the experience was professional and cozy. I’m so happy to have someone like V to entrust with my locks curly or straight!

Penealope Eason

Victoria is very professional and personable. She really cares about the health of hair and is truly knowledgeable about her craft.

Demetris Drain

Victoria is very professional and knowledgeable about natural hair. She truly is concerned about getting your hair to its healthiest state.

Daphne Robinson

I’ve been going to Victoria since I committed to the natural hair journey. She’s taught me so much about healthy, natural hair. And ladies, I have to tell you that most of what she’s taught me is not found on YouTube! I highly recommend her and her new shop is more than a salon, it’s a hair experience!

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"Healthy hair, chic ambiance!" The Volume Life Salon Studio experience.

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